Got what it takes?

We are looking for passionate people who want 

to change the way we look at consumer health today.

Hi, we are Serrix Consumer Health

An entrepreneurial and dynamic company in the center of Amsterdam with a proven track record in the development and sales of innovative and effective consumer health products  like MycosanSoreFix and Don't tell mum

When our business began, there was just one goal: to create genuine safe, innovative and effective consumer health products that would knock big pharma’s socks off and really help consumersWe aim to be an exceptional employer; one that recognizes talent, encourages initiatives,  rewards perseverence and allow people to develop to the best of their abilities. In return, we ask our employees to share our determination to succeed and our "can-do" attitude in gaining a meaningful OTC market position in Europe and beyond.” 

Ruben Visser, managing director Serrix

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Kjell Verhoeff

Sales Manager 

Marloes Nabben

Brand Manager

Anke Ruitenberg

Office Manager

Ioanna Konstantinou

International Account Manager

Niels Verheul

Supply Chain Manager

Nathalie van der Meij

RA/QA Manager

Tamara Petetta

R&D Project Manager

Our employer values

As our horizons have expanded, our goals, too, have evolved. However, the things that make us tick have largely stayed the same: INNOVATION, TEAMwork, and a PASSION for incredible consumer health solutions and CONSUMER satisfaction. Our values give us guidance and direction every day.

Better together 

Teamwork is what makes us greater than the sum of our parts. By being able to depend on one another, we can transform what we do from something good to something great.

Value each person

We look out for each other, and remember that every individual is important, whether they're a consumer, the CEO of a pharma company or a Serrix team member.

Be passionate and determined

Each one of us can make a big difference to what we achieve by going the extra mile. If we all care passionately and put every effort into what we do, we can make incredible things happen.

Be hungry

We never settle for the way things are. By being proactive and finding better, smarter ways of doing things, we can all have a huge impact on the way we work. At Serrix, "it'll do" will never do.


2007 Founded by Ruben Visser

2009  Distribution agreement with Merck

2010  First clinical study finalised 

2010  Mycosan fastest growing OTC brand in the Netherlands

2013  SoreFix contracted by PGT for 8 EU countries

2013  Patent Fungal Nail product granted 

2014  Mycosan no.2 in Russia

2014  SoreFix no. 1 cold sore product in Dutch pharmacies

2015  Total of 10.000.000 units Mycosan Fungal Nail

2016  Mycosan launches ‘The first total antifungal footcare solution’

2017 Own distribution organization launched in The Netherlands